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Become a recurring donor today!

First 100 recurring donors will receive our new Guide to Green Building for free!


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Become a recurring donor!

Recurring donations are important to us and we would love to welcome you into our donor community that spans across the world. We are now looking for 500 recurring donors to support LWH as we continue to invest, with impact, in sustainability-centric education, green building, and community development. Even $5/month goes a long way for us, the equivalent of just 1 latte in the U.S.!

As a special gift for helping us to sustain and grow our impact, we are offering a FREE E-book copy of our new book: "A Guide to Green Building" to the first 100 people who become a recurring donor!

All funds raised are used to support our investments in green building, education, and community development. To date, our investments have been significant, with our most notable achievement being the construction and operation of our green building campus, the Centro Educativo Técnico Chixot, in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala. At Tecnico Chixot we offer a pioneering Deweyan, science-based education to 150 students in grades to K-11 in 2019. We provide employment to 35 Comalapans in our construction crew and school staff. To date, we have repurposed over 440 tons of waste into the construction of 12 classrooms for our students, a welcome center, a four-stall composting latrine, terraced gardens, a computer lab/library and several thousands of feet of tire retaining walls. All buildings also have the rainwater harvesting capacity to fill a 42,500-gallon cistern.

Individual donors are our second biggest source of funding. They allow us to continue to meaningfully and strategically invest in Guatemala. Furthermore, a recurring donation means that your generosity offers continuous support for us while we work to grow our impact in Guatemala and globally. Our students at Técnico Chixot and future Long Way Home schools will form a new generation of entrepreneurs who will be uniquely equipped to lead their communities with innovative solutions for their future.

We are grateful for your decision to become a recurring donor and long-term supporter of LWH! Thank you and enjoy this short documentary about LWH, produced by The Visionaries Public Television Series!

Thank you, Gracias y Matiox
~The Long Way Home Community